Did you know that our chalets are sustainable?

Caring for nature is a choice we make every day, in every gesture!

— Wooden building

Wood is an excellent insulating material! Layers of different materials in walls, ceilings and roofs enhance the insulating power of wood.

— 100% electrical energy

In our kitchens all appliances use clean energy.

— Heating with heat pump

Warmth in our huts is guaranteed thanks to a heat pump that cools the water used to make snow (from 5°C to 1°C).  Our heat pump
extracts heat from the water in the snow-making tank, cooling it down, and uses this heat to heat the water for all the needs in the hut.
This system has a much smaller impact on the environment.

— Energy Class A

The Energy Performance Certificate is issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento and classifies buildings on a scale created on the basis of the average heating and hot water needs of buildings in Trento. The lower this requirement (i.e. the global primary energy value), the less impact the building creates on the environment.

— No to fossil fuels

We don’t use any fossil fuels to heat the water we use in the bathrooms and have light in the shelters, so we don’t burden the environment.

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